The Women’s Alumni Council was founded on April 7, 1990 and became a constituency board for the Alumni of Clemson University. The Council was created to provide quality programs and services for Clemson alumna, students and friends. Our purpose is to enable women alumni and friends to remain involved and connected to Clemson.

Our council is comprised of members throughout the country. Each member hosts local events in their respective area for area Clemson alumni and friends.

Our mission is to serve as an advisory group to the Clemson University Alumni Association by conveying the alumnae perspectives to the Association from a variety of backgrounds and locations which will assist the Association in providing:

  • higher quality programs and services to all of its members
  • to create and develop programs and services to serve the women constituency and increase their interest in and support of Clemson University
  • to create and develop programs and/or services that meet the needs of women students as they prepare to become alumnae and encourage them to develop a lifelong connection to the University
  • to encourage women graduates to pursue leadership roles within the University’s volunteer network
  • to assist the Alumni Association in achieving its mission of serving, involving and informing our alumni, current and future students, and friends of the University


Hannah Pittman


Allison Puechl

Mary Beth Blum

As a young professional in human resources, I have found recruiting to be my "fit"​ in HR. I think it is the fun and rewarding side of HR. I am passionate about recruiting, training, and professionally growing college students and graduates, and hope to continue to expand AFL's Co-op and Intern Program.