BYDTC Frequently Asked Questions

What are the days and times of this event?
❖ BYDTC will be held on May 21-22, 2022. (No Friday activities this year.)
❖ Check in is on Saturday, May 21 between 7:00 – 9:00am at Brackett Auditorium. The event runs until approximately 12:00pm on Sunday, May 22.

What ages can attend?
❖ Girls must be between 8-18 years of age to attend this event. Please note this is a change from last year when the minimum age was 6 years.

Are we staying on campus this year?
❖ No. This is a change from years past. There will be no on-campus housing for this event. Participants will make their own reservations at local hotels. This is a separate cost from the registration fee.

What is the registration fee?
❖ $125 per person

How much are hotels?
❖ WAC has partnered with several local hotels and participants will receive an average room rate of $140 per night. Once registration is confirmed, we will send participants hotel group rate information. Rooms are double occupancy, so find a friend and their daughter to share a room!

Is the hotel included in my registration fee?
❖ No. The registration fee is a separate cost.

Do you have to be a Clemson alum to attend with your daughter?
❖ Absolutely not! We welcome all who bleed orange!

Can I bring more than one daughter?
❖ Yes you can! However, we ask that there be no more than two girls per chaperone.  Please note that there is a maximum of 2 chaperones and 4 girls per order.

Does it have to be a parent/daughter or can it be an aunt, uncle, grandparent, neighbor, etc who is the chaperone?
❖ Any adult (male or female) may be a chaperone and bring a participant!

How many people are able to attend?
❖ We welcome approximately 250 attendees every year.

Are there Covid precautions?
❖ As of today’s date, masks and vaccinations are not required by Clemson University. While we hope and anticipate that this policy will not change by the time for BYDTC in May, we do reserve the right to update these requirements in adherence to any changes made in these policies by Clemson University during the time frame for BYDTC, May 21-21, 2022. We will notify the participants of any changes prior to arrival in Clemson.  Please click on the following link for Clemson University’s protocols:

Is there any free time allowed throughout the weekend?
❖ Absolutely! If you arrive on Friday, you will have plenty of time to explore Clemson on your own time. Saturday afternoon between 4 and 7pm is also free time (great time for downtown shopping and dinner!) See our Schedule at a Glance.

What are some examples of activities held?
❖ We try to provide both fun and educational activities throughout the weekend in order to show all that Clemson has to offer. Educational activities will be assigned to attendees based on age, and other activities will be a mix of all ages. For example, past events included topics on architecture, printmaking, bees & honey making, nursing simulation, aerospace, and digital media. Tour options included Fort Hill, Fike, Tillman Bell Tower, Horse Farm, Military Tour, Watt Center, and Athletics. Prior evening activities consisted of a nighttime cemetery tour, bowling, Fike relay games, and self-defense class.

Do my daughter and I get to choose what activities we do each day?
❖ Activity preferences are selected after the online registration process on March 1st. You will list your preferred activities and then will be assigned based on availability.

How do I register?
❖ Registration is online only and will go live on March 1st at 12:00pm EST at the following link: We recommend setting a reminder for this date and time, as spots fill up extremely fast. In previous years, spots were filled in minutes! Look for the link on our website and social media accounts a few days before.

What am I supporting by paying the registration fee?
❖ The registration fee covers basic costs of hosting the event, and any monies remaining go directly towards supporting our Clemson Women’s Alumni Council Endowment Scholarship Fund with Clemson University.

How do I follow WAC online and on social media?
❖ Website:
❖ Facebook:
❖ Instagram: @clemsonwomen

Can I sponsor this event?
❖ We welcome all sponsors and in-kind gifts! To inquire, email Taylor at

What is Clemson WAC?
❖ The Women’s Alumni Council was founded on April 7, 1990 and became a constituency board for the Alumni of Clemson University. The Council was created to provide quality programs and services for Clemson alumna, students and friends. Our purpose is to enable women alumni and friends to remain involved and connected to Clemson.