Thank You Donors!

We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to the WAC Scholarship Fund, especially those of you who were kind enough to give by means of your 2020 BYDTC registration refund. It means the world to us and we couldn’t raise scholarship funds without you!

BYDTC 2020 Donors

Christian and Grace
Anna and Kat
Kristen and Caitlin
Reagan and Greer
Sarah, Pam, Claire and Carly
Sheryl and Grace
Trish, Emily and Milly
Adair and Chandler
Anna and Margaret
Beth and Evelyn
Candice and Charlotte
Debbie and Janie
Dottie, Noelle, Samantha and Adalyn
Chris, Doug, Addy and Taylor
Erin and Isla
Gloria and Maddie
Jen and Lauren
Jennifer and Hayden
Jana and Shelby
John, Susan, Robbie and Hope
Kate and Jill
Nancy and Rheney
Lauren and Caroline
Mendy and Ella
Shane and Payton
Tara and Bryce
Amanda and Lore
Amy, Anne and Ella
Andy and Ella
Ashley, Sofia and Ava
Becca and Anna
Brandi and Ella Mathis
Brooke, Kevin, Taylor and Abigail
Catherine, Lucy and Grace
Christina and Claudia
Elisa and Lauren
India and Ashlyn
Jamie and Emerson Kate
Janet and Stella
Jennie, Sofia and Olivia
Jennifer and Olivia
Jennifer, Addison and Kylie
Joan and Ella
Joanna and Caroline
Kara and Aubrey
Katherine and Ava
Katherine and Gabriela
Kathy and Caroline
Kristina and Kathryn Grace
Lacey and Callie
Liz and Lucy
Melanie and Emma Claire
Melinda and Kylie
Nicole and Charlotte
Sara and Natalia
Sarah and Norah
Stacey and Aliana
Taylor and Jane
Traci and Mae
Tracy and Kayleigh